Vogue Tile Matte Black Penny Round Porcelain Mosaic (Box of 10 Sqft), Floor and Wall Tile, Backsplash Tile, Bathroom Tile on 12x12 Mesh for Easy Installation

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Vogue Tile Designed in Italy. Black Penny Round Matte Finish
It features a smooth glazed finish black a silk sheen to enhance any space. The black color forms a perfect complement to a variety of structural textures and materials, making it an ideal choice for contemporary or more traditional spaces.

Coordinate with matching trim pieces to create the look you want from kitchen counters and backsplashes to bathroom walls right down to the bedroom floor.
Penny round mosaics are a popular choice for wall decor for modern kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces, or any other indoor or outdoor space.
The inspiration for a contemporary black mosaic backsplash, bathroom tile and more.