Established in 2016, the Cemento Collection is dedicated to broadening the horizons of creativity in the handmade tile industry. We source our meticulously handcrafted tiles from various global regions, including Morocco, Italy, and Spain, and diligently aim to provide optimal choices for our customers in New Jersey and throughout the United States.

Our catalog presents an extensive variety of options, categorized into distinct collections: Cement, Zellige, Subway, Terrazzo, Terracotta, and Ceramic. Each collection offers an array of diverse colors and styles to accommodate every taste and preference.

Our mission at Cemento Collection is to inspire creativity within interior design and architecture by forging collaborations with designers, artisans, and enthusiasts. We aspire to aid all individuals in leaving their unique imprint on the world through groundbreaking projects.Regardless of the scale or nature of your renovation or construction venture, we pledge to deliver superior-quality and enduring tiles.

Join us in our ongoing narrative of widening the scope of creativity in the world of interior design and architecture. We invite you to visit our website or showroom to peruse our comprehensive selection of handmade tiles and embark on your journey to revolutionize your space with Cemento Collection.


Our mission at Cemento Collection is to inspire creativity within interior design and architecture. We facilitate collaborations with designers, artisans, and enthusiasts, providing them with high-quality, handcrafted tiles that empower them to realize their visions. We are dedicated to offering diverse tile options from around the world, ensuring our customers' unique needs and tastes are met and exceeded, regardless of the size or nature of their projects.


Our vision is to be a leader and preferred partner in the handmade tile industry, known for our commitment to quality, authenticity, and customer service. We envision a world where each space tells a story of unique artistic expression, brought to life by the hands of skilled artisans and the creative minds of our clients. We aim to widen the scope of creativity in the world of interior design and architecture, one tile at a time.


We are committed to sourcing and providing superior, long-lasting tiles that stand the test of time.


We continually seek to inspire and be inspired, valuing the unique creative process of each individual we work with.


We conduct our business with honesty, ensuring transparency in our processes and fairness in our dealings.


We believe in the power of partnership and working together with designers, artisans, and enthusiasts to realize their design aspirations.

Customer Satisfaction

We strive to exceed expectations by understanding our customers' needs and delivering exceptional products and services.


We acknowledge our responsibility to the environment and strive to source and produce our products in an environmentally-friendly manner.