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What does Thickness of Mother of Pearl Tile means?

by Eric Sanders 05 Nov 2014 3 Comments


Each mother of pearl tile is naturally 2mm. The major difference in mother of pearl tiles is the quality of the shell.  Another very important difference is the variety of different thicknesses of the tile. You can find mother of pearl tiles which are 2mm thick or 8mm thick. It’s logical to assume that because the thicker tiles are also more expensive, that they will be better quality and last longer. But in fact, that’s not actually the case. What a thicker mother of pearl tile has is a ceramic backing. The actual mother of pearl content on that tile is the same as the 2mm version.

Mother of Pearl Tile

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20 Oct 2016 lillias

Hi, I just bought mother of pearl mini brick to install as backsplash. What would be the best adhesive for it. Is it Mastic or Thinset.

10 Nov 2014 Admin

Hi Gary,
It is better for you to use light grout colors as it blends well with mother of pearl mosaic tiles like antique white color on lowes. If you want to create contrast with tiles then you can go ahead with charcoal grout color. Thanks

09 Nov 2014 Gary

What is the best grout color to use for these?

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