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Split Face Mosaics

by Eric Sanders 13 Aug 2012 5 Comments



Split Face Mosaics


    Stone Tile Mosaics are without question, one of the most beautiful decor materials for your home. One thing that makes decor mosaics so beautiful is the fact that it is natural stone. When stone is harvested from the mountain quarry, large blocks are removed and cut into slabs. The smaller sections are cut into flooring tiles or squares of varying size and thickness. At that point, the stone tiles can be polished for a shiny finish or left unpolished for a more natural look. There’s even a finishing process called “split face” also known as rough surface, ideal for exterior and interior use when considering natural stone. Stone Tile Mosaics has a huge selection of decor mosaic products ranging from the typical marbles and limestone squares to the exotic imported onyx and travertine. Only natural stone wholesalers like Stone Tile Mosaics can deliver the best in selection and discounts.Split Face Travertine Mosaics are a unique assortment of Travertine, Limestone to Botticino Marble to Bianco White Carrara Marble .  

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13 Mar 2013 Admin

Dear Katherine,

I enclosed a link for you in here it explains in detail how to install the mosaic tile. If you have any more questions, i would be glad to help.

12 Mar 2013 Katherine Lopez

Can I use the 1×2 split face mosaics as backsplash in the kitchen? If so, how do I install it? How do I grout it and seal it? Its going on a concrete wall..

Thank you.

17 Sep 2012 Gary

Thanks for the email. I will email you the pictures after installation.

17 Sep 2012 Administrator

Sure it is easy to install it on wall. The reason is it comes on mesh mounted mosaic and all mosaics do interlock each other. So you dont spend time on aligning small brick stones. Thin set is recommended for all installations. We do have your email address and do send you the installation instructions. Any more questions?

16 Sep 2012 Gary

Can this be installed on the wall easy? I mean im planning to do it by myself. Could u send me instructions how to do it? Thanks. Gary

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