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How to Clean, Protect and Maintain Natural Stone and Marble Tile and Mosaics?

by Eric Sanders 28 Dec 2012 0 Comments



We kindly would like you to know more about cleaning and maintaining your eye-catching natural stones like marble, granite, limestone and travertine tiles and mosaics. Find out exactly how to maintain of your natural stone and preserving its look do well reward you and your home for many years on horizon. If you spent some time caring for your natural stone floors will help preserve its classic beauty and one of its kind look for more years to come. We tried to simplify the listing as possible as we could.

1.    Do not use any product contains acidic ingredient. All purpose or household cleaners that are not specifically intended or manufactured for natural stone can permanently harm and damage the stone.

2.    Do not use vinegar or lemon for cleaning the natural stone products. It might be a fatal mistake to use vinegar because it contains acidic ingredient and might damage the stone.

3.    Do not use any ammonia based cleaners. If you use ammonia cleaners, it might take off shiny surface out of marble and natural stone.

4.    Clean your floors regularly. You might mop your natural stone floors regularly. Using a dry dust mop or broom is a good option. You should also wipe your floor by using a wet mop, it will enhance the look of your natural stone on the long run.

5.    Seal your stone at least once a year. Upon the type of your natural stone, sealing your natural stone is a must priority. As new sealing products show up almost every month now, you must seal your marble and natural stone regularly. Sealing will protect your floor from staining and weariness. Sealing any type of natural stone is a great method to lengthen your natural stones life and enhance its appearance.

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